Meditations for the Journey

New sculpture Meditations for the Journey (2) on view at SDAD September 14th to October 14th, 2012.

Meditation for the Journey (2)

This sculpture is the 2nd of a design that I first created in 2008 and subsequently sold. The second time around resulted in a few modifications and design improvements. The sculpture is made from Rudraksha seeds, metal armature, casting plaster, paint and hair.

The sculpture consists of a large metal armature constructed in the shape of a cone, 8 metal rods welded together. There is a relationship to Buddhist stupa and the sacredness of the number 8 (The stupa is the oldest Buddhist religious monument and was originally only a simple mound of mud or clay to cover relics of the Buddha).

The metal cone is covered in a shawl of Rudraksha seeds–the seeds were all woven together using a right angle bead weaving technique. It took nearly a month to drill holes in all the seeds and then weave them together over the armature using FireWire.

A few things about the seeds, they are imported to the United States and are often used by monks for Japa Malas (prayer beads for Buddhists and/or Hindu practices) –according to Indian mythology, Lord Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva, is the elephant headed God who confers “Riddhi and Siddhi” to his worshippers. Worshipping Ganesh ends all the obstacles and problems that are in the way of a person’s success. He is the deity of intelligence, knowledge, prudence, and supremacy. Worshipping Lord Ganesh before commencing anything new (a new task) is considered a way of ensuring your success in that task. The Rudraksha seed Mala has largely a similar impact on its bearer when used in meditation.

The conical shape rests on four feet that are cast from my feet using a silicone mold and plaster, and then created a patina using acrylic paint. The whole structure stands on a disc of hair that is 34 inches round.

Left side of sculpture- showing seeds, cast feet and hair.

Right side of sculpture.

Detail of Rudraksha seeds woven together.

Meditations for the Journey gallery view.

The San Diego Art Department (SDAD) is located in North Park at 3830 Ray Street in San Diego, CA.


I will also be using this in the Fragments from the Garden show, which is scheduled March 15 to April 14, 2013 at SDAD. The walls for the show will be painted a dark taupe color, which really helps highlight the details in the sculpture.