All points bulletin for old shoes and t-shirts.

This is a call for “men’s old shoes” and “old tank top style t-shirts” sometimes referred to as wife beater t’s.

Request to all Artists, Facebook & Blog friends, I’m working on a new ART PROJECT and need your help…. I’m looking for donations of old shoes—men’s only! Black, Brown, leather, fake leather, cowboy boots, work boots whatever doesn’t matter at least 40 to 50 pairs of shoes more the old school lace up kind is better—but at this point doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not tennis shoes or sneakers…tank top t-shirts (wife beater style) any condition, clean dirty doesn’t matter about 100 of those needed…. anyway pretty please with a cherry on top can you help!!!…For a sculpture installation show in the gallery space at obr, people can drop them off at SDAD –San Diego Art Department (3830 Ray Street) or I’ll pick them up, or mail them if you choose, email me at for address and if you want some cash to cover postage! THANKS!

*If you like you can put your name on the shoes and t’s with a sharper to be a part of the installation.