Mixed Media Sculpture

This is one of several sculptures I created for a show at OBR Gallery.

Locked” a Mixed Media Sculpture

3 hand-blown glass bell jars, house keys attached to blue tassels and mixed media digital photographic prints coated with Beeswax sitting on wooden easels. Each bell jar is about 10 inches high. In an odd way they are the potential inhabitants or the key holders for the potential inhabitants of the structure seen in the background.

Reflective Dwelling: Psychogeographic Map 1 can be seen in the background, Digital print created from watercolor sketches and photographs, and using Photoshop- created in 2007.

Mixed Media Sculpture and Print: “Locked” and “Reflective Dwelling Print

This sculpture was created for “The Potency of Objects” show which was a Sculptural Installation at OBR Gallery located at 3817 Ray Street,San Diego, CA.

November 10 –December 5, 2012

Opening Reception November 10th (Ray at Night) 6pm-10pm.


Bell jar located on the left side.

Bell jar in the center.

Bell jar located on the right side.

Picture of me getting the show set-up, a little dusting and cleaning of the pedestal.

Setting up for the OBR show.

finishing touches










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