Sneak Peek from the rehearsal for the performance art piece at SDAD

A few photos from the first rehearsal with Wallpaper Performance Company for the performance piece for “Fragments from the Garden”








The premise of the piece …

in searching for souls there is a folklore tradition of sorts that has a living person seated on a kitchen chair (the kitchen is seen as the heart of the body of a home) placing their feet in the shoes of a deceased person and then stepping (submerging) their feet into a pale/washbasin of water allowing the living to crossover and commune with the departed soul. The water should be spring water or hand drawn from a well and grounds the person so they may return back to the earthly realm. I push this one step further in that the blended séance is not just a crossover to engage the souls of the deceased but the soul of the actual home, with the identity of the house and with it’s previous ancestral structures.

House becomes enclosed and humanized space—a place within this space becomes “Home.” As human beings we require both space and place, both house and home yet little attention is sometimes given to the greater understanding of what this means and how they differ to us all as individuals and to generations, seemly our own lack of interests can facilitates the lose of homes for many by greed and ignorance. Home is a place, it is a pause in movement, a pause at a locality that satisfies some human need to become a center of felt value, home is where we can rest in our strength and dwell within; home implies permanence—this thing home as an object endures and seems dependable in ways that we with our biological weakness and shifting moods are not—home is the enduring if not illusionary history rewritten in the memory of who we are.

I’ll be posting video and more rehearsal photos soon…..the show opens March 15th


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