Fragments from the Garden


What sorts of objects would one find in the garden of paradise if it were to be discovered? In his new exhibition artist Kevin Greeland creates a mythological place where such archeological objects have been discovered, but with a twist. Greeland picks and chooses from a number of different primordial first gardens and mixes those elements up.

Fragments from the Garden is a sculptural installation accompanied by performance art. Sculptures and prints are presented as archeological fragments and historical objects from this uncertain place in time, these things appear as items rescued from the lost garden or possibly from a garden home or temple.

Based on research of various elements within certain cultural myths and folklore, Greeland reimagines the tales and turns those elements into physical things i.e.…sculptures, drawings and prints.

The performance piece titled “Places for Souls” and sound art will take place during the evening around 7 pm both for the opening and closing. The performance imagined by Greeland and performed by Wallpaper Performance Company functions as a “séance” of sorts, in which performers act as mediums to engage the spirits from “The Plains of Tession” a pseudo-space within the garden, adding a good twist of Dada to the evening.


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