Soil Samples & Bacterium Samples from Fragments from the Garden

Soul sample 1


Soil Samples

Soil samples collected from all 4 directional sections of the garden for later sampling and testing. The wooden box is a found object, lined with new fabric, it holds 16 brown glass bottles filled with soil. The idea being if you are exploring a garden area, you may want to research what makes it unique, starting with the soil. The fake garden was divided into 16 sections and the bottles labeled accordingly.

soul sample 2

Bacterium Samples, Consists of two pedestals with light boxes, each housing 14 petri dishes with fake agar and bacteria, one is colored more orange the other more peach with slightly different shaped bacteria in each set. There are typically 40 million bacterial cells in a gram of soil – any of a domain (Bacteria) of prokaryotic round, spiral, or rod-shaped single celled microorganisms.

bac1 bac2 bac3 bac4 bac5

The petri dishes are actually filled with gel waxes with various types of pigment and placing different types of vitamins in the wax as it cools and then removing them – creating the round and rod-shaped images seen in the dishes.

detail bac

Fragments from the Garden

What sorts of objects would one find in the Garden of Paradise if it were to be discovered? In this new exhibition artist Kevin Greeland creates a mythological place where such archeological objects and historical relics have been discovered, but with a twist. Greeland picks and chooses from a number of different primordial first and mixes those elements together.

Inspired by the scientists & naturalists of the Enlightenment and the art patrons whose collections formed the basis for the world’s great museums. Greeland has sought to create his own “Natural History Museum” of sorts, seeking to investigate, explore, record, capture & collect that which would evoke memories of the wonder and awe of the Victorian Wunderkammer or Cabinets of Curiosity. “Fragments from the Garden” has been assembled for display in the spirit of those great collectors of exotic specimens and wondrous renderings. You are invited to join Greeland’s expedition and explore the garden, the garden home and temple. In the spirit of exploration navigate with care; observe with a keen eye and a curious mind, but please do not touch.

*German – Wunderkammer “wonder-room” or Kunstkammer “art-room”





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