The Keeping Prayer Wall

The Keeping Prayer Wall was designed as an interactive sculptural installation project. There are two large prints on either side of a table, the prints measure about 24 x 32 inches. They were created by progressively staining the paper with various types of tea and yerba mate…yellow tones from Chamomile, various green tones from green tea and fresh yerba mate, and dark tones from black tea and roasted yerba mate, etc.


Lochlan Ki, “We tell stories built from fragments of our lives, maps to guide us to each other.”

kw 2

Lorcan Ki,  “Dreams are the only afterlife we know, the place where the children we were rock in the arms of the children we have become.”

In front of the table and both prints hangs sheer fabric that has also been stained with tea. The panels to the right and left have writing on them and they hang about 8 inches in front of the prints (the philosophers Lochlan Ki and Lorcan Ki), who are the savvy wordsmiths of the garden.

kw3 kw4 kw5 kw6 kw7

Participants are invited to write their own words of wisdom, prayers, concerns, and worries on the paper provided and then nail it to the wall. The smaller images measure 5 x 7 inches and were created in a similar fashion to the larger images of Lochlan Ki and Lorcan Ki. Color copies were then produced from the small originals so the participants could choose from three different images to write on.

kw8 kw9 kw10

A few examples of what some of the participants wrote.




A quick 1, 2, 3 on how the prints were made with tea bags.




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