Meditations for the Journey (2)

Meditations for the Journey (2) was created and displayed in the fall of 2012, (see earlier postings). It was always meant to part of a larger body of work, it is so time-consuming to construct that it is unlikely they’ll be another–in this case it was presented with the Fragments from the Garden show. The walls for the show were painted a dark taupe color, which really helps to pop the sculpture and highlight the details.

This sculpture is the 2nd of a design that I first created in 2008 and subsequently sold. The second time around resulted in a few modifications and design improvements. The sculpture is made from Rudraksha seeds, metal armature, casting plaster/Hydrocal, paint and hair.

The sculpture consists of a large metal armature constructed in the shape of a cone, 8 metal rods welded together. There is a relationship to Buddhist stupa and the sacredness of the number 8 (The stupa is the oldest Buddhist religious monument and was originally only a simple mound of mud or clay to cover relics of the Buddha).

The metal cone is covered in a shawl of Rudraksha seeds–the seeds were all woven together using a right angle bead weaving technique. It took nearly a month to drill holes in all the seeds and then weave them together over the armature using FireWire.





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