Video of Performance “Places for Souls”

Places for Souls: The Plains of Tession. Performance art piece created by Kevin Greeland, performed by Wallpaper Performance Company, dance performers Dina Apple and Jennifer Oliver, arranged by choreographer Alicia Peterson-Baskel and sound environment by generative sound designer Blair Robert Nelson.

The performances occurred on March 15th and April 13th, 2013 at the San Diego Art Department in San Diego, CA.

The Performance was divided in 3 sections each about 20 minutes in length and was designed to be somewhat spontaneous. Each section represented the different facets of the “séance, the meditating and connecting, then the contact and exchange and the final section the breaking apart and exhaustion after the encounter. The overall performance was about an hour; the video is but 2 minutes of that performance.


The premise of the work is …

In searching for souls there is a folklore tradition of sorts that has a living person seated on a kitchen chair (the kitchen is seen as the heart of the body of a home) placing their feet in the shoes of a deceased person and then stepping (submerging) their feet into a pale/washbasin of water allowing the living to crossover and commune with the departed soul. The water should be spring water or hand drawn from a well and grounds the person so they may return back to the earthly realm. I push this one step further in that the blended séance is not just a crossover to engage the souls of the deceased but the soul of the actual home, with the identity of the house and with it’s previous ancestral structures.


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