The Smoking Goat

You never know where your creative endeavors will take you, i.e. a commission for a wooden goat. The Smoking Goat restaurant was doing a little design upgrade and they were looking for something to be placed in a nook just outside the lobby/entranceway of the restaurant.

Goat 1Thanks to Anna at Radiant Design for setting it up. A few pictures of the goat carved from alder wood, I layered a number of different stains on the wood starting with a whitewash and slowly working darker in the carved areas to a walnut finish and then back to a lighter wash. The bistro has a number of different copper accents and copper lighting so I used copper foil for the hooves and horns.

Goat 2If you get to North Park in San Diego check out the restaurant and the goat located at 3408 30th Street. I’ll post a few photographs once it has been installed later this week, for now these photos were taken at my studio. Overall it measures about 36 inches tall and about 34 inches wide.

Goat 3

Goar 4


…and here is the goat installed at the front door to the restaurant, at home in his little niche guarding the mail and greeting customers.



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