“How He Saw The New World” Wins an Award.


“How He Saw the New World” wins an award.

One of my paintings won an award at the Art of Pride Show. The Art of Pride show was held outdoors in Balboa Park, San Diego. The painting is acrylic paint on a birch wood panel that  measures 36 x 36 inches.


The painting is a blending of organic and synthetic abstraction imagery and fuses it with a visual language of masks and harlequin style colors (sometimes reminiscent of PA Dutch quilts and hex signs), introducing layers of meaning, and also playing with the identity of the subject and the artist in the more figurative works of the same nature.

The painting depicts a rather graphic and minimal approach to a sort of contemporary surrealism about our identities and how we navigate the social arena in person or online and in the apps of our phones, creating new avatars and new personas with every new encounter. The painting along with a number of other paintings similar in style are designed to have a touch of mystery – and display a preoccupation with the issues of identity, how our identities are in a constant state of change and flux—represented by the dimensional geometric shapes that compose the body and the unusual mix of hard lines, flat geometric; and amorphous shapes seen in other paintings like The Persistent Landscape series and The Scented Herbage of My Breast series. The palette of primary colors, pastels and earth tones evoke the childhood experience of growing up in the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside.


….plus the cash prize for third place I also received this fancy ribbon.


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