Golden Gels and Pastes + Catalyst tools from Princeton

A quick post to highlighting some of the artwork by my students in my 6-week painting course “Introduction to Mixed Media Painting.” This exercise dealt with Golden Gels and Pastes. Both gels and pates can be mixed with acrylic color, in this case to create an impasto landscape.



1) Underpaint your panel with one solid color, in class it was Naphthol Red Light – this acts as a tinted primer that will show through under the subsequent layers. In this class we used Golden Fluid colors, but Heavybody would also work fine.

In class we used Golden Hard Molding Paste—Divide your Hard Molding Paste into several small piles and mix a different Fluid Acrylic Color with each one, mixing is easiest with a palette knife.

3) Using a palette knife to “block in” your paste mixture, then finesse the texture with the palette knife, brush, or other tool (like any of the Catalyst Blades & Wedges demonstrated in class).

4) Cover all areas of the board, but allow some of the underpainting to show through for an added effect.

5) Yippee you have an impasto landscape painting. Allow a few hours for drying.

l2 l4 l5 l6 l7 l8 l9 l11 l10 l12




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