Introduction to Mixed Media Painting

A few more quick highlights of student artwork from my Introduction to Mixed Media Painting class.

Below are 4 examples of textured surfaces created with Golden Crackle Paste and Golden Fluid Acrylics on canvas panel boards. The panels are the preliminary backgrounds the students are creating — In the next class they will be creating “skins” that they will then print on using Golden Digital Ground and an HP Printer. The printed skins will then be attached to the textured backgrounds. Look for more photos to come of the various stages as they complete their work.

c1 c2 c3 c4

In addition to the Digital Printing on skins, the students are learning how to create Acrylic Encaustic using Golden Matte Medium with Golden Fluid Acrylic paints.

Here the students have created just the first layer with many more coats of faux encaustic to be added along the way with additional images and paint to create rich and complex layering.

e1 e2 e5 e6

Many students find in helpful to create these simple but effective example boards reviewing the basics of color theory and overviews of the different types of Golden products along with the different types of applications.

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6


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