New paintings and new stories.

The trouble with giving art lectures and demonstrations is that you often encounter artwork by other artists that you instantly fall in love with, so any profit that may have gained….well lets just say I came home with several new paintings! I adore the whimsical and yet slightly brutish and quirky artwork of Brenda York, here’s a link to her website: and some photos of the work I purchased. Each painting tells a fascinating little story, one the drops you in the center, not sure of the beginning nor the end. Brenda has a terrific little book she recently published, which highlights many of her paintings and the stories that go with each painting.

Brenda was showing her work in the studio of another fabulous artist and friend Bronle Crosby, pictured right of Brenda York. Here’s the link to Bronle’s website:

Brenda York (right) and Bronle Crosby (left).

Brenda York (left) and Bronle Crosby (right).

Spring Fever, Acrylic on canvas. Brenda York, 2013.

Spring Fever. Acrylic on canvas, Brenda York, 2013.

Curmudgeon, Mixed media on wood. Brenda York, 2010.

Curmudgeon. Mixed media on wood, Brenda York, 2010.

The Writing On The Wall, Acrylic and Collage on wood, Brenda York, 2014.

The Writing On The Wall.  Acrylic and collage on wood, Brenda York, 2014.





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