Free Golden Arcylic Paints Lecture & Demonstration

San Diego and La Mesa art peeps join me Saturday, March 19th from 1- 3 PM at Art Stash for a FREE GOLDEN Acrylic Paint Lecture and Demonstration.

The Art Stash is located at 7859 El Cajun Blvd, La Mesa CA


Free Golden Acrylics Lecture and Demonstration (2 HOURS)

The Golden free lecture and demonstration is a fun and fast-paced informative educational presentation on acrylic paints and all the related products from mediums to gels and pastes! The lecture covers information about the different types of acrylic paint formulations, pigments, and their related viscosities, as well as color theory and color reality, drying time, and health & safety. Learn how acrylics can be used as grounds for other media, such as watercolor and colored pencil or pastels and so much more. The lecture will also cover a technical review of acrylics and their varied application possibilities. Various acrylic products and techniques will be demonstrated to enrich your understanding of the medium, among these you will learn basic tips for how to extend paint to save money and how to mix paints with gels and pastes to create exciting textures. From traditional painting to contemporary and on to mixed media, acrylics are infinitely versatile. We will also review Golden’s newest products, including the QoR Watercolors, High Flow Acrylics and the OPEN Acrylics. We will also discuss Golden’s Williamsburg Handmade Oil paints. Discover the possibilities and become inspired with how these fabulous materials and fresh new insights can be added to your own creative process. All participants will receive a free information packet, hand-painted color charts and a bag of free Golden product samples to take home!

Kevin Golden copy

E 2



2 thoughts on “Free Golden Arcylic Paints Lecture & Demonstration

  1. Liz

    I would love to attend a lecture/ demonstration, but I don’t know of any that are taking place in my area. I’ve heard that Michaels and Hobby Lobby sometime have them. I called and asked but they weren’t able to help. Could you please help me in find out if there are going to be any lecture/demonstration in my area. Thank you in advance.


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